Automatic Sprinkler System

An automatic sprinkler system is a watering system that works automatically according to a pre-programmed schedule. Today, sprinkler systems are used in a variety of areas for watering residential yards, greenhouses, indoor gardens, parks, golf fields, agricultural crops, and many more. Automatic sprinkler systems are popular because they present a more efficient and sustainable method of watering vegetation. People no longer have to water their plants manually and can enjoy their greenery without the hard labor. It’s a win win situation!

A typical automatic irrigation system consists of three main parts: an electric timer or controller, electronic sprinkler valves that direct water flow, and sprinkler heads that disperse the water. These parts must be present for the system to function. Other parts may be added such as micro sprays and rain sensors. 

Each automatic sprinkler system can be configured to the specific requirements of a property. Depending on climate conditions and types of vegetation, the optimal watering date, time, and frequency can be chosen in the system settings. For example, the system can turn on every night, or every other day, or Tuesday and Friday early morning for the required watering duration. The auto sprinkler system can also be set up to work with weather sensors that measure the amount of precipitation that has fallen. 

An automatic sprinkler system makes maintaining a healthy and beautiful lawn very easy. Once the timer is set up and the water turned on, the system will work according to the selected schedule. Additional run times may need to be added as the weather gets hotter, and then reduced when the weather gets cooler.

At the beginning of every watering season, in the spring, sprinkler systems need to be opened and adjusted by a technician. At the end of every season, in the fall, sprinkler systems need to winterized and closed by a professional. Clients with automatic sprinkler systems have said they see greener, fuller vegetation, less water waste and reduced watering costs.

The Sprinkler Company is pleased to provide automatic irrigation installation and maintenance services. 

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automatic sprinkler system installation
Automatic Sprinkler System installation

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