Micro irrigation is a type of sprinkler system specifically designed for watering plants. Opposed to lawn watering systems, a microsystem applies water to the plant root zone. This enables a more precise and sustainable watering method. A micro irrigation system is more versatile, targeted, and cost-efficient for watering plants.

Why is a Micro Irrigation System more efficient and sustainable?

Micro irrigation delivers water directly to the root system of the flowers, shrubs, crops, and trees. The water immediately reaches the roots of the plants and is not wasted through runoff or evaporation. This type of system also allows for better control and low-pressure watering, saving water and costs. Thus, micro irrigation is the preferred sprinkler system in gardening and agriculture.

micro spray irrigation

What are the benefits of a plant-oriented sprinkler system? 

  1. To grow and flourish, plants often require different watering conditions than grass. Plants watered by a regular lawn sprinkler system risk not receiving the amount of water required for healthy growth. 
  2. With lawn sprinkler systems, the grass is watered on the surface level while most plants do best when they receive water at the root level. Microsystems can increase plant quality and crop yield by at least 20%.
  3. Delicate plants may be damaged by the strong water jets from regular sprinkler systems. Micro spray systems provide a gentle watering method.
  4. Micro irrigation is a very versatile system that can be adapted to the requirements of any type of plant. This allows all plants to receive an adequate amount of water without risk of over or under-watering.
  5. Microsystems can accommodate all plants from the smallest and most delicate flowers to full-grown trees, to large crop fields. 
  6. Microsystems are flexible, less rigid, and bulky than other systems, and so can be shaped to fit any garden, greenhouse, or landscape design. 
  7. Micro irrigation is a highly sustainable watering method that reduces the water footprint of a property. Water is allocated with maximum precision and efficiency, and less water is lost through ineffective watering.
  8. Micro irrigation is a low-volume watering system that requires less water pressure to run. This makes it more cost-efficient than regular lawn systems. 
  9. Without having to run extra watering cycles or water by hand, micro irrigation saves considerable work and time for the owner of the property.

Micro irrigation can cover large agricultural areas as well as small and fragile gardens. It can be combined with a regular sprinkler system to manage the watering of the whole property. An automatic sprinkler system runs on its own at a designated time that can be adjusted as needed. A microsystem is a highly valuable tool for watering many types of vegetation.

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