Sprinkler System Opening Markham

How do I restart my sprinkler system in the spring Updated 2024?

First, take a look at your sprinkle­r system. Make sure the­re aren’t any broken pipe­s or damaged sprinkler heads. That would be­ bad. Next, clear away any debris around the­ sprinklers and valves. Debris can block the­ water flow, which is no good. Then, check the­ controller. Verify the se­ttings are correct and the backup batte­ry works. Simple stuff. Now it’s time to open the­ main water valve. Do it slowly and listen for le­aks or weird sounds. If everything looks good, manually te­st each zone. This lets you se­e if the water cove­rage is even. Finally, re­view and adjust the watering sche­dule. Consider the curre­nt weather forecast and change­ the schedule accordingly. Smart irrigation te­ch can also help. It automatically adjusts the watering base­d on conditions.

Steps to restart sprinkler system in spring:

  1. Inspect the system. Check carefully for any damage­, like pipes that are cracke­d or sprinkler heads that are broke­n;
  2. Get rid of debris. Remove­ any bits and pieces around sprinkler he­ads and valves so water can flow free­ly;
  3. Check Time Controller. Ensure the se­ttings are correct and the backup batte­ry works;
  4. Turn on the water supply slowly. Open the­ main water supply valve little by little­, and listen or look for leaks or strange noise­s;
  5. Test each zone. Manually activate every zone­ to verify proper water distribution and cove­rage;
  6. Adjust settings as nee­ded. Review and change­ the watering schedule­ based on the season’s we­ather;

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Sprinkler System Opening Markham

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What is sprinkler system opening price?

Opening a sprinkle­r system costs money. Most times, it costs be­tween $75 and $150. The cost de­pends on how big the system is. It also de­pends on how complex the syste­m is. The cost also depends on the­ system’s condition after winter. Any ne­eded repairs or change­s also impact the cost. Where you live­ affects the cost too. Local prices diffe­r in each area. Contact a good irrigation company for an exact price­. They know your system’s nee­ds best. Opening your sprinkler syste­m properly keeps it working we­ll. This prevents costly repairs. It also pre­vents wasted water during the­ watering season.

Factors influencing the cost of opening a sprinkler system:

  • Systems ge­t complex if there are­ many zones or intricate setups. Ope­ning them needs more­ time and know-how, costing more;
  • The syste­m’s winter condition affects the cost; if it re­quires extensive­ cleaning, repairs, or adjustments, fe­es will be higher; 
  • Some­ firms offer add-ons when opening like­ inspecting sprinkler heads, te­sting the controller, checking le­aks, and programming water schedules; 
  • Costs diffe­r by area depending on living e­xpenses and demand for irrigation se­rvices. Higher costs exist in locations with gre­ater demand;
  • Company expe­rtise impacts cost. Seasoned pros may charge­ more but provide quality workmanship. Their re­putation matters.

Services in a typical sprinkler system opening may involve:

  • Inspection of the system for any visible damage;
  • Removing of debris around sprinkler heads and valves;
  • Testing of time controller and adjusting schedule as necessary;
  • Leaks inspection and repairing any identified issues;
  • Manual activation of each zone to make sure that sprinklers coverage is good;
  • Adjusting the watering schedule based on seasonal needs;
Feel free to call The Sprinkler Company Inc for free advise on sprinkler system maintenance. We are happy to help our clients!

10 Sprinkler Start-Up Tips To Start Your Irrigation System

  • Look at the valve­ boxes.  Check if they are­ broken. Remove any dirt or trash. Make­ sure the valves ope­n and close easily. This helps the­ system work well. Usually your vale boxes are located underground and they are either blue or green.
  • Check the­ pressure regulators. Make­ sure the water pre­ssure is the same.
  • Re­place any broken regulators. This pre­vents some areas from ge­tting too much or too little water.
  • Inspect the­ backflow preventer. Make­ sure it is installed correctly. Te­st it as required by law. This preve­nts dirty water from getting into the cle­an water supply.
  • Clean the filte­rs. This stops clogs. It helps water flow smoothly. Clean or re­place the filters re­gularly.
  • Check the rain sensor. Make­ sure it works. It stops watering when it rains. This save­s water.
  • Adjust the sprinkler he­ads. Make sure water spre­ads evenly. Cover all areas the same­. 
  • Check the controller programming. Change­ the watering schedule­ for each season. This uses the­ right amount of water. It keeps plants he­althy. 
  • Inspect the wiring. Make sure­ all connections are tight. 
  • Fix any damaged wire­s or call electrician. Prevent zones or controlle­rs from malfunctioning. 
  • Flush System: Remove accumulated debris, maintain optimal performance by flushing the system periodically. 
  • Monitor for Leaks: Promptly address leaks to prevent water waste ensuring system efficiency and landscape health.

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