Irrigation system parts

An irrigation sprinkler system consists of a water source, pump, pipes or hoses, valves, sprinkler heads or drip emitters, a timer or controller, a backflow preventer, filters, a pressure gauge, and fittings and couplings. The water source can be a well, lake, or municipal water supply. The pump increases water pressure to distribute water through the pipes. Valves regulate the flow of water to each sprinkler or drip emitter. The timer or controller determines when and how long water is delivered to the sprinkler heads. The backflow preventer ensures water from the irrigation system doesn’t flow back into the main water supply. Filters remove debris from the water to prevent clogging. The pressure gauge measures water pressure to optimize system performance. Fittings and couplings connect all the parts of the system.

We use these materials for the installation, repair, and maintenance of Automatic Lawn Irrigation systems. All materials are Made in The USA.

Irrigation system parts / Sprinkler heads

Irrigation sorinkler system parts / Rotor head Hunter
(Rotor) “Hunter“ Ultra
Irrigation sprinkler system parts/ micro spray head
MP Rotator “Hunter
Irrigation sprinkler system parts/ micro spray head
Spray Head “Hunter

Irrigation valve

Irrigation sprinkler system parts/ irrigation valve
Irrigation valve “Hunter”

Irrigation controller

Irrigation sprinkler system parts/ timer-controller
Irrigation Timer “Rain Bird
Irrigation sprinkler system parts/ Timer-controller Hunter
Irrigation controller “Hunter”

Irrigation pipe

Irrigation sprinkler system parts/ Rain Bird pipe
Irrigation Flex Pipe “Rain Bird
poly pipe
Irrigation Poly pipe “Charter”

Irrigation sensors

Irrigation sprinkler system parts/ Rain sensor Rain Bird
Wireless Rain/Freeze Sensor “Rain Bird”
Sprinkler system parts/ Rain sensor
Wired Rain Sensor “Rain Bird”
Sprinkler system parts/ Solar Sync sensor “Hunter”
Solar Sync sensor “Hunter”

Drip irrigation

Drip line connectors “Rain Bird”
Drip tubing “Rain Bird”

Micro spray irrigation

Micro sprays 360 “Rain Bird”
Micro spray head “Rain Bird”

Electrical parts irrigation

Pump Start Relay “Hunter”
Waterproof wire connectors “Dryconn”

Irrigation system parts


Irrigation Nozzles “Rain Bird”
Irrigation Flow Meter “Hunter”
Water Filter “Hunter”
Irrigation riser “Lasco”
Irrigation insert connectors “Lasco”

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