North York Irrigation

North York Irrigation

The Sprinkler Company Inc. first started its work in North York irrigation in 2008. The city of North York was one of our company’s first districts of irrigation service. It was also the location of our head office. Today, North York is still one of our busiest areas with frequent new installations and sprinkler services.

Commercial Sprinkler Systems  North York

The area of North York holds many of our commercial clients. Commercial sprinkler systems are usually large scale projects that require specific knowledge, licenses, and installation procedures. The Sprinkler Company technicians specialize in designing and implementing powerful watering systems that are needed for commercial properties. We use professional grade materials and provide a warranty so that our work is trusted by our clients.

North York Irrigation

North York Residential Irrigation

The Sprinkler Company also provides a variety of residential irrigation services. A larger part of our North York clients remain residential. Sprinkler Company technicians perform free sprinkler quotes daily. After our office receives your call, a Sprinkler Company employee will arrive within 2 days to calculate an estimate. The property area will be measured as well as the house water pressure. Additional features will be taken into account such as gardens, shrubs, and trees. Using this information, the technician will give you an accurate price estimate for a new sprinkler system. 

In the North York area, sprinkler installations usually take 1 day to complete. A labor team will arrive and carefully install the system without creating a mess or any damage to the property. A Sprinkler Company technician will explain what the system will look like and where the different watering heads will be located. Once complete, the technician will walk over the system with the client and demonstrate how to set up and adjust the sprinkler controller or timer. 

The Sprinkler Company also provides sprinkler repair and maintenance services. Every spring from April to June, our team performs North York irrigation openings. Sprinkler Company servicemen visit every property and conduct sprinkler system start ups and adjustments. Every fall season, from mid-October to December, we perform scheduled sprinkler system closings or winterization. Using a high-pressure air compressor, all water is expelled from the sprinkler system and all systems are safely closed for winter.

Our company is dedicated to providing quality year-to-year service. We take pride in helping our clients maintain their sprinklers systems so they are always in excellent operation. Adjustment or repair issues are taken care of promptly so that your lawn and plants are always perfectly green and flourishing. 

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