Caledon Irrigation service

The Sprinkler Company Inc. is an irrigation company that provides irrigation watering services in the city of Caledon and Bolton. Irrigation sprinkler systems are designed to water lawns and gardens automatically, ensuring that they receive the proper amount of water to keep them healthy and lush. Our company installs, repairs, and maintains all types of residential and commercial sprinkler systems.

The Sprinkler Company has been providing irrigation services in Caledon since 2016. Since this time, our company has experienced a steady rise in Caledon clients looking to install or upgrade their sprinkler systems. We thank our clients for their trust and support of our company. The Sprinkler Company will continue to provide dedicated and high-quality irrigation service.

The Sprinkler Company provides regular semi-annual maintenance services. Every spring, between April to June, our servicemen visit the properties of our clients to open and start up the sprinkler systems for the hot summer season. All irrigation systems are launched, adjusted, and checked over for leaks.

In the fall, from mid-October to December, our servicemen once again visit every property to winterize each sprinkler system according to the client’s request. We use a high-pressure air compressor to dispel all remaining water from the systems, which are then safely closed down. This is an important irrigation procedure to avoid cracks and damage during the winter months. 

The Sprinkler Company provides the following services:

irrigation installation

sprinkler system repair

-sprinkler system maintenance

-system modernization


system opening


drip irrigation

micro irrigation

landscape lighting

sod and plant installation

outdoor Led Lighting installation

new sod installation

-free estimates

The Sprinkler Company only uses professional-grade irrigation materials for its installation and repair services. We use the high-quality Hunter and Rain Bird brands imported from the United States. This ensures our systems work reliably for many years.

The Sprinkler Company also provides a 5-year warranty on its irrigation services. Clients can be confident that our company will be available year-round to take care of any watering issues.

If you are looking to install or manage an irrigation system, contact The Sprinkler Company today! We will provide you with a free consultation and estimate.

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