About Us & Our Service Areas

The Sprinkler Company Inc. may assist if you require sprinkler system installation in one of our service areas. Having been in the industry for more than 15 years, we have the staff, tools, and knowledge necessary to make it happen. Our skilled and timely irrigation services are provided by our one-day Sprinkler System Installation. All varieties of landscape watering systems for homes and businesses are designed, made, and installed by us.

The Sprinkler Company specializes in lawn and landscape irrigation services – Sprinkler System Installation. Our sprinkler technicians are qualified to design and install residential sprinkler systems as well as all types of intricate nonstandard irrigation systems, such as greenhouse systems, garden systems, micro systems, golf systems, and others. Our team is quick and responsive in all our service areas, with servicemen always on call to resolve any issues. We provide year-round maintenance service that ensures the systems of our clients are operating optimally every season. We provide a 5-YEAR Warranty and we are a Fully Insured company.

Our team of specialists values well-kept lawns and gardens. We use Hunter materials to create effects that linger. Among the services provided are tailored solutions, property analysis, and year-round upkeep. Our goal is to achieve perfection in Sprinkler System Installation by offering top-notch equipment and customized solutions in all service areas.

To further improve property value, The Sprinkler Company Inc. also installs LED landscape and garden lighting. We can light trees, gardens, and other areas with our top-notch Kichler lighting system. With expertly designed garden lighting, we provide options that are customized to your budget. Join us in lighting up the outdoors!

We also provide sodding for fast lawns using pre-grown grass all around our service areas. The procedure entails watering, laying grass, and preparing the soil. Bluegrass in Kentucky requires mowing, fertilizer, and watering. Immediate outcomes, erosion prevention, and increased property value are among the advantages. Frequent watering, fertilizer every 6–8 weeks, and cutting the grass to a height of 2-3 inches are all considered maintenance.

"Customer satisfaction via the installation of expert irrigation systems and the provision of first-rate service is my first concern. Me and my team always strive to exceed expectations and deliver excellence in every project we undertake"
Michael irrigation contractor

What Are Our Service Areas?

Toronto Irrigation Sprinklers

We provide thorough landscaping services designed to improve outdoor environments to Toronto homeowners. We offer solutions that support healthy lawns and gardens, from the installation of irrigation systems to the design of landscape lighting. Our crew provides maintenance services to keep landscapes flourishing all year round, and excels in sodding for speedy lawn makeovers. We work hard to surpass clients’ expectations and design stunning outdoor spaces for them in Toronto, with an emphasis on high-quality materials and individualized service.

How to Install Irrigation System in Toronto 2024?

Installation of irrigation should be carefully planned, organized and implemented in a waterwise garden. For begin, you’r house property should be considered to waterwise, hyper-dry, grow natives and shade. In second, design a garden with sprinkler layout and irrigation system to your plants and schedule exposure to sun. Afterwards, you should install only good quality sprinkler heads, pipes and weather-responsive irrigation controllers and software. Finally, prepared to install an irrigation system and tuned it by checking and checking your system thoroughly to make sure it calibrated right.


Commercial Sprinkler Systems Selection Tips Toronto 2024?

In choosing commercial sprinkle­r systems, take into account size of your prope­rty and how efficient it is with water. Evaluate what your property needs and give preference­ to systems that use smart controlle­rs. Purchase parts that can bear Toronto’s weather conditions. Make­ sure it aligns with your local rules and also ponder ove­r its upkeep nee­ds.

North York irrigation Sprinklers

For North York homeowners, we provide a variety of landscaping services targeted at transforming outside areas into thriving havens. From skilled irrigation system installs to sophisticated landscape lighting designs, we provide solutions that will improve the beauty and utility of your property. Our specialist sodding services provide fast lawn changes, while our complete care programs keep landscapes lush year-round.

* Important: because of the region’s unique environment and rapid temperature fluctuations, it is critical to open your irrigation system in North York between the first and middle of April.

With an emphasis on quality materials and individual service, we try to surpass expectations and create outdoor surroundings that you’ll like going home to in North York.

How to Maintain a Healthy Lawn in North York 2024?

Maintaining a healthy lawn in North York requires attention to many factors. Start from checking condition of your lawn. Identify any issues such as weeds, pests, or soil compaction. Set a regular watering schedule for strong root growth. Mow your grass at certain height of 4-5 inches to avoid spreading of weed. To fertilize your lawn use 10 pounds of the fertilizer per 1,000 square feet of grass. Aerate the soil periodically to improve air and water penetration every 2 months.

Commercial Sprinkler Systems Selection Tips North York 2024?

Consider Hunter or Rain Bird sprinkler system for your commercial North York property as choosing the ideal garden companion—one that is dependable, effective, and customized to your needs. We recognize how crucial it is to maintain the colour and vibrancy of your environment while being economical and water-wise. For this reason, our staff takes the time to examine your home, suggest water-saving measures, and guarantee durability to resist the weather in North York. Your peace of mind and the health of your landscape are in good hands when you work with us.

Durham Region Irrigation Sprinklers

For Durham Region homes, we provide a wide range of landscaping services designed to convert outside spaces into bright havens. From skilled irrigation system installs to sophisticated landscape lighting designs, we provide solutions that improve both the aesthetics and functioning of your property. Our sodding procedures assure quick grass makeovers, while our complete maintenance plans keep landscapes looking great all year. 

* Important: As the spring season approaches in Durham Region, it is critical to arrange your irrigation sprinkler system’s opening with Sprinkler Company between the first week April and middle of April.

How to Open Irrigation System in Durham Region 2024?

Simply follow these procedures to turn on your irrigation system:

  • Examine the irrigation pipes and other system components for any obvious damage or leaks.
  • To allow water to enter the system you need to turn on the water supply by opening the main water valve.
  • Examine the irrigation system for any leaks or defects simply strolling around the property.
  • Fill the pipes with water, then open the irrigation zones and backflow preventer valves.
  • Check every zone.
  • For maximum efficiency and coverage, manually switch on each irrigation zone.

York Region Irrigation Sprinklers

For York Region homeowners we offer a comprehensive range of landscaping services tailored to elevate outdoor spaces into inviting retreats. From expert irrigation system installations to captivating landscape lighting designs our solutions enhance both the aesthetics and functionality of your property. With specialized sodding services for rapid lawn transformations and meticulous maintenance plans for year round care we prioritize quality materials and personalized service to exceed expectations and create outdoor environments you’ll love returning to in York Region.

* Important: Frequent irrigation system maintenance is needed for high efficiency and water savings. According to studies well maintained irrigation system saves up to 50% on water use.

How Much Does it Cost to Install an Irrigation System in York Region 2024?

In York Region the cost of building an irrigation system for a typical residential property runs between $3000 and $7000. According to studies regular maintenance may improve the efficiency of irrigation systems by up to 50 % resulting in significant water savings. This underlines the need of prioritizing maintenance to enhance performance and sustainability.

Peel Region Irrigation Sprinklers

For Peel Region residents we offer a comprehensive suite of landscaping services designed to transform outdoor spaces into marvellous landscapes. From precision irrigation system installations to captivating landscape lighting designs, our solutions enhance both the beauty and functionality of your property. With specialized sodding services for rapid lawn transformations and meticulous maintenance plans for year round care, we prioritize quality materials and personalized service to exceed expectations of our clients.

* Important: Often irrigation system maintenance is good for water savings. We recommend to make regular inspections and changes, that help to create a higher water efficiency.

How to Service Your Irrigation System in Peel Region?

To keep your lawn looking great and healthy while using less water it is imperative that you maintain your irrigation system in Peel Region. Frequent leak detection and sprinkler head alignment guarantee effective water distribution and filter cleaning and controller calibration enhance system functionality. You can guarantee that your irrigation system works efficiently and encourage lush vegetation and sustainable water use in your outdoor space by being proactive with maintenance form The Sprinkler Company Inc.