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Motion Detector Sprinklers

The Critte­r Ridder Motion-Activated Repe­llent protects your yard and garden from nuisance­ animals. It has a sensor that detects move­ment up to 100 feet away (conditions apply). Whe­n triggered, the de­vice sprays water for 5 seconds, startling animals like­ raccoons, opossums, cats, dogs, and others with destructive habits, making the­m run away. Besides repe­lling animals, it can also work as a sprinkler for watering lawns or gardens. Simply switch the­ dial to Sprinkler mode for continuous water spray. Turn it off once­ the area is watere­d enough.

Here’s What You Need to Know About Motion Detector Sprinklers


Specifications of Motion Detector Sprinkelers

  1. This device­ helps keep unwante­d animals away. It scares off dogs, raccoons, opossums, and other nuisance animals.
  2. Whe­n an animal gets too close, it rele­ases a sudden burst of water. This startling spray scare­s the animal away.
  3. It has an infrared sensor that can de­tect the heat and move­ment of animals. The sensor can se­nse animals up to 60 feet away.
  4. The­ metal spike lets you place­ it anywhere in your yard or garden. You can stick it into the­ ground easily.
  5. You can also use it as a regular sprinkle­r. There is a setting for continuous wate­r spray.
  6. This design is eco-friendly and use­s very little water. Each spray


  • Assembled Depth: 2.6 inches
  • Assembled Height: 22.25 inches
  • Assembled Weight: 1.16 lbs
  • Assembled Width: 6.5 inches
  • Packaged Depth: 5.5 inches
  • Packaged Height: 8.8 inches
  • Packaged Weight: 1.26 lbs
  • Packaged Width: 3.88 inches


  • Application Type: Powered Spray
  • Indoor/Outdoor: Outdoor
  • Location/Area of Use: Outdoor
  • Organic: Non-Organic
  • Pest Type: Animals, Rodents, Deer

Warranty / Certifications:

  • Warranty: This warranty, valid for (2) years from the purchase of the unit.

Installation Cost Factors for Motion Detector Sprinklers

Installation Cost Factors for Motion Detector Sprinklers

The cost of installing motion detector sprinklers can be influenced by several key factors:

Considering these factors will help you estimate the cost of installing motion detector sprinklers more accurately and make an informed decision based on your needs and budget.

The type of motion detector sprinkler system you choose, including its features and capabilities, can impact the overall cost.

The size of the area you want to cover with the sprinkler system will affect the number of units needed and subsequently, the installation cost.

Battery-powered systems are generally more cost-effective to install than electric ones that may require professional electrical work.

Opting for professional installation can add to the cost, as it involves paying for skilled labor to ensure accurate setup and functionality.

Depending on your specific setup, additional hoses, connectors, and mounting hardware could contribute to the overall installation cost.

Benefits of Motion Detector Sensors

Motion detector sensors offer a range of advantages that make them a valuable addition to various applications. Here are five key benefits:

Motion detector sensors provide an extra layer of security by detecting movement in designated areas. This is particularly useful for home security systems, as they can trigger alarms, notifications, or activate cameras in response to unauthorized movement.

In environments where lighting or appliances are needed only when people are present, motion detectors help conserve energy. They automatically turn on lights, HVAC systems, or other devices when movement is detected, reducing unnecessary energy consumption.

Motion detector sensors offer convenience by automating tasks. For instance, lights can turn on automatically when someone enters a room and turn off when they leave, eliminating the need to manually switch them on and off.

By optimizing energy usage and reducing the need for manual intervention, motion detectors contribute to cost savings over time. Lower energy bills and increased efficiency can make a significant difference in operational expenses.


Many motion detectors allow for sensitivity adjustments, time settings, and activation zones. This flexibility enables users to tailor the sensors to their specific needs, ensuring they respond appropriately to the environment they are installed in.

These benefits highlight the versatility and practicality of motion detector sensors across residential, commercial, and industrial settings, making them an indispensable technology for modern living.

Maintenance for Motion Detector Sprinkler

Maintaining motion detector sensors is essential to ensure their consistent performance. Here are five important maintenance practices to keep in mind:

Dust, dirt, and debris can accumulate on sensor surfaces, affecting their accuracy. Regularly clean the sensors using a soft, dry cloth to ensure unobstructed detection.

Ensure that there are no objects blocking the sensor’s field of view. Even small obstructions can interfere with accurate motion detection.

Regularly check the power source, whether it’s batteries or electrical connections. Replace batteries as needed to prevent sensor downtime.

Depending on environmental changes or specific requirements, you might need to adjust the sensitivity of the sensor. Fine-tune it to avoid false alarms or missed detections.

Periodically test the sensor’s functionality by walking through its detection range. This helps identify any issues and ensures that the sensor is responding as intended.

By following these maintenance practices, you can prolong the lifespan of your motion detector sensors and ensure they continue to operate effectively, providing reliable motion detection for your security and automation needs.