Sprinkler System Start up

Every year the irrigation season begins with the onset of warm weather. As sunny and dry temperatures stabilize, grass and plants begin needing water. The first step in the irrigation season is called the sprinkler system startup or opening. 

Sprinkler System Opening

The Sprinkler Company Inc. conducts its sprinkler systems openings April to June, depending on the weather in Toronto and surrounding cities. After a long winter slow down, The Sprinkler Company staff and technicians suddenly find themselves extremely busy; there is a lot of work to be done. 

The Sprinkler Company office staff contact all clients to set up sprinkler system opening appointments. The Sprinkler Company also services anyone looking to start up their watering system. New irrigation clients are always welcome and are immediately added to the start up schedule. Sprinkler technicians and servicemen saddle up into their service trucks and set out to different GTA locations to begin the irrigation start ups. 

The Start Up Procedure

The sprinkler system start up process usually takes about 20min-1hour. The length of time depends on the number of zones in the system and the amount of adjustments need to be made. The start up procedure includes:

-Turning on/connecting the outdoor water tap to administer water to the sprinkler system

-Programming the timer or water controller

-Running the sprinkler system

-Checking the valve box to ensure valves are not cracked and operating properly

-Checking the sprinkler system for any leaks

-Adjusting any sprinkler heads that may be stuck or may have shifted during the winter months

-Fixing any discovered damages 


For a sprinkler system to operate properly and have a long life, it needs to be serviced and maintained correctly. Proper openings and closings will preserve the system and keep it running for over 15 years. The Sprinkler Company is dedicated to providing long-term quality service, taking care of sprinkler systems from the very beginning to the end of the irrigation season. Customers can be confident that their systems will run smoothly year after year. 

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Sprinkler system start up


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