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At The Sprinkler Company Inc we are your trusted partner for irrigation solutions boasting over 15 years of industry experience. Our dedicated team of professionals delivers best service from installation to maintenance. Specializing in sprinkler systems and drip irrigation setups we tailor our solutions to meet your unique needs. With convenient locations in Barrie and Vaughan comprehensive warranty coverage and 24/7 emergency support we ensure peace of mind for our valued customers. Choose us for reliable and exceptional service.

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Sprinkler System Opening Mississauga

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Experience the difference with The Sprinkler Company Inc. With over 15 years of industry experience we have earned a reputation for excellence in irrigation solutions. Whether it is Sprinkler System Opening in Mississauga or ongoing maintenance our dedicated team goes above and beyond to deliver best service. Our commitment to quality is reflected in our reviews on HomeStars and Google showcasing our clients’ satisfaction. Trust us to provide reliable and personalized service for all your irrigation needs. Call us at 647-608-4444 and get free quote

Inquiry Insights: Mississauga Irrigation FAQs

Question: When is the best time to open the sprinkler system in Mississauga?
Answer: Before the warmer months approach and regular watering is required for lawn and landscaping the best time to turn on your sprinkler system in Mississauga is usually around April or May. The Sprinkler Company Inc will always let you know when is the best time to open / check / close sprinkler system by calling you 

Question: What is the cost to install a sprinkler system in Mississauga?
Answer: Various factors like the size of your property and any extra features or customisation might affect the cost of installing a sprinkler system in Mississauga. Between $3000 to $5000 is the average cost of a residential system for homeowners. In any case it is better to speak with a professional estimator to have idea of price. Call us to book free estimate at 647 608 4444

Question: How much does sprinkler system maintenance cost in Mississauga?
Answer: Depending on your system’s size, complexity, and particular services needed, the cost of sprinkler system maintenance in Mississauga might change. Homeowners should budget between $100 and $300 per year on average for routine maintenance, which can include winterization, adjustments and inspections. In any case it is better to speak with a professional estimator to have idea of price. Call us to book free estimate at 647 608 4444

Question: What is the cost of sprinkler system opening in Mississauga?
Answer: Sprinkler system opening Mississauga often costs between $75 and $150 depending on system’s size  and any other services you require. To make sure your system is prepared for the upcoming watering season it is crucial to plan its opening for early spring in late March – mid April. Call us to get price for your sprinkler system maintenance – 647-608-4444

Types of Irrigation System We Install & Repair & Maintain

Sprinkler Systems:

Sprinkler systems use a network of pipes and spray heads to distribute water evenly over landscapes. They provide adjustable watering schedules that are appropriate for both business and home use. Sprinkler Company’s 5-year guarantee on these systems will give you piece of mind.

Drip Irrigation System:

Water is directly delivered to plant roots by drip irrigation, which uses an emitter and tube system. Because it applies water only where needed, this method minimizes water waste and is ideal for gardens, flower beds, and shrubs. Sprinkler Company offers a three-year guarantee for the electrical components in these systems and a five-year warranty for the systems themselves.

Micro Irrigation:

Also known as micro irrigation water is precisely distributed to the root zone of plants by micro irrigation. Low-pressure water delivery systems, such as microsprayers or drip emitters, are used to conserve water and lessen runoff. offers a five-year guarantee for these systems and a three-year warranty for their electrical components.

Mixed System:

Multiple irrigation techniques are used in a mixed irrigation system to meet requirements of various landscape regions. A mixed system may for instance, use sprinkler systems for lawns and big planting areas and drip watering for flower beds and shrubs. With this method watering solutions may be specifically designed to meet the needs of each plant or landscape element.