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Sprinkler System Opening Old Toronto - About The Sprinkler Company Inc

For over 15 years The Sprinkler Company Inc. has established itself as a reliable name in Sprinkler System Opening in Old Toronto specialising in sprinkler system openings in Old Toronto and the surrounding areas. With our main office located in Barrie and our satellite facility located in Vaughan we can readily meet your irrigation needs. We provide trustworthy and efficient solutions. You can count on our experienced team to ensure that your sprinkler system is ready for the season, using the least amount of water possible while yet functioning at its best.

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Why Sprinkler System Opening Old Toronto is Important?

It’s important to turn on your sprinkler system in Old Toronto due to the city’s changing environment. Because the weather conditions are constantly changing, getting your system ready will guarantee that it can adjust to different circumstances and provide reliable and efficient irrigation when it’s most needed. It is possible to protect your investment and help preserve our valuable water resources by leaving this job to experts from The Sprinkler Company Inc. Plan the opening of your sprinkler system with our professional technicians to ensure healthy outdoor area during the entire season. Don’t wait till it’s too late as late start of watering can damage you lawn permanently.

Why it is important to open sprinkler system in time 2024?

– Consistent Performance: Throughout Old Toronto’s changing seasons a well-planned sprinkler system ensures reliable and effective watering encouraging healthy growth and vivid landscapes;

– Preventive maintenance: Keep your system open to identify possible problems early on, fix them and make sure it keeps working when you need it most.

What is the best time to open irrigation system in Old Toronto? 

Early spring in Old Toronto is the best  time to turn on irrigation system before the weather gets too warm and your lawn and landscaping start to require regular watering. To make sure your system is prepared for the growing season plan to open your sprinkler system in late March or early April

When is good time for sprinkler system opening in Old Toronto?  

It’s important to staryour irrigation system in time to guarantee that landscape gets enough water when it matters most. A timely opening guarantees best performance throughout the season. You may successfully save water resources and encourage healthy plant growth by opening your system in late March or early April. Call The Sprinkler Company Inc at 647 608 4444 to ask about your local maintenance time

Types of Irrigation System We Install & Repair & Maintain

Sprinkler Irrigation Systems Old Toronto:

Sprinkler systems disperse water over a landscape in an even layer by using a network of pipes and spray heads. They offer versatility in terms of watering schedules and coverage regions making them appropriate for both residential and commercial settings. Sprinkler Company warrants these types of systems for a period of five years.

Drip Irrigation System Old Toronto:

Water is directly delivered to plant roots by drip irrigation, which uses an emitter and tube system. Because it applies water only where needed, this method minimises water waste and is ideal for gardens, flower beds, and shrubs. Sprinkler Company offers a three-year warranty for the electrical components in these systems and a five-year warranty for the systems themselves.

Micro Irrigation Old Toronto:

Also known as localised or trickle irrigation Water is precisely distributed to the root zone of plants by micro irrigation. Low-pressure water delivery systems, such as microsprayers or drip emitters, are used to conserve water and lessen runoff.offers a five-year warranty for these systems and a three-year warranty for their electrical components.

Mixed Irrigation System Old Toronto:

Multiple irrigation techniques are combined in a mixed irrigation system to cater to the distinct requirements of various landscape areas. A mixed system might use, for instance, sprinkler systems for lawns and big planting areas and drip watering for flower beds and shrubs. With this method watering solutions may be specifically designed to meet all needs of each plant or landscape element.

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