Landscape Irrigation

An automatic irrigation system is a highly valuable tool for maintaining a beautiful and healthy landscape. Watering plants by hand or using manual sprinklers can be tiring and time consuming, often with imperfect results and high water usage. Landscape irrigation provides sustainable and effortless watering and allows you to maintain a green property throughout the spring and summer season. 

How to build a healthy landscape:

  1. Design a sustainable landscape with the proper vegetation for your climate and property. Eco-gardening recommends to place plants in their optimal conditions. Sun, shade, soil and drainage aspects need to be taken into account as well as proximity to other plants. 
  2. Use healthy soil that easily allows root systems to grow, provides plants with lots of nutrients, and has proper drainage. 
  3. Avoid putting plants in high traffic areas where they will often be stepped on or damaged. Grass is best for busy areas so that your home residents can safely enjoy the property. Keep plants for accented areas.
  4. Place mulch around plants, shrubs and trees to prevent excessive soil heat and moisture loss. 
  5. Set up a watering system that will meet the requirements of every plant. An automatic landscape irrigation system will do the best job in watering all the vegetation effectively.  
  6. Aim to plant new vegetation in the spring or fall seasons. Plants require more water for root establishment in the summer due to the hot temperatures. 
  7. Plant shade trees for natural air-conditioning. This helps to lower air and soil temperatures, as well as decrease the loss of soil moisture.

Why is a landscape irrigation system most effective?

An professional automatic landscape irrigation system is most effective at watering because:

  1. It works on a properly programmed watering schedule that provides just the right amount of water at the most effective time of the day and week. Based on season temperature conditions, watering dates can be added/reduced and watering times increased/decreased. 
  2. The system monitors rainfall levels and adapts its schedule based on moisture conditions to prevent over-watering and wasting water. 
  3. The system is installed based on the specific water pressure of your property to create the most effective water flow without affecting the water flow in the home.
  4. The system covers the entire landscape property, including all grass, decorative plants, agricultural gardens and trees. No spots are missed and water is not wasted on areas without plants. 
  5. The most effective and durable sprinkler materials are used to provide effective and sustainable watering. A professional system can work well for over 15 years. 

Overall, an automatic sprinkler system will provide the best method of landscape irrigation. The system will take care of watering the whole property so you do not have to spend any time walking around. The system will provide effective and sustainable watering according to the different needs of every plant. The system will work automatically by itself and can easily be adjusted when required. Your landscape will remain green and luscious with minimal work.

At The Sprinkler Company Inc., we provide high quality and trustworthy landscape irrigation service. For over 12 years, our company has been designing, installing, and maintaining all types of private and commercial irrigation systems. We provide landscape irrigation, lawn irrigation, micro irrigation, sodding, lightning and other landscape related services. We are committed to helping our clients create and maintain a healthy green and gorgeous landscape. 

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