Winterization sprinklers

At The Sprinkler Company Inc., we provide winterization services for all types of irrigation systems. The process of winterization services, or closing, involves removing all water from the system using a powerful air compressor. We then turn off the timer and tap, and your sprinkler system will be safe for the winter. It is important to not open the outdoor tap or start the system after winterization has been completed.

Winterization Sprinklers

All sprinkler systems need to be winterized in order to minimize the risk of freeze damage. During the cold winter months, the remaining water freezes and may crack small parts of the irrigation system. Delicate sprinkler valves are most prone to freeze damage and may leak once the system is started again in spring. If this happens, repairs will be required for the system to run properly again.

The Sprinkler Company has several powerful air compressors that are used to completely expel all the water from the irrigation systems. The timer is then shut off and the outside tap is closed for the winter. The sprinkler system is then considered closed down.

The Sprinkler Company Clients

If you are a Sprinkler Company irrigation client, you do not need to worry about closing down your system. We will call you are the appropriate time to schedule a winterization appointment. We conduct our winterization services between mid/late September to December.

Our Sprinkler Company servicemen will arrive at your property to blow out the water from your irrigation system and complete the winterization sprinklers process. The presence of the homeowner is usually not required, as long as our team has access to the timer and tap. Systems are drained going zone by zone to ensure no water is remaining. The Sprinkler Company team strives to make irrigation maintenance worry-free for their clients.

Here’s what you can expect from The Sprinkler Company Inc. Team:

  • Timely winterization scheduling and team arrival
  • Use of professional air compressor for water blow-out
  • Turning off timer
  • Closing the outdoor tap
  • Safe and damage-free system closure
  • 100% Client Satisfaction Guarantee