What needs To Know About Outdoor LED Lights

outdoor led lighting

It is unfortunate that many of us give a lot of thought to the lighting inside our homes and offices and very little to the lights outside. Dark pathways make us uneasy and poorly lit gardens don’t make us feel any better. That said, we need outdoor lighting to illuminate our surroundings outside. There are many choices for lighting you can get for your outdoors so why LED? Outdoor LED lighting has been around for some years now and through the years they have become popular. Their features and designs give them an upper hand over other lamps and as a result, people choose them for their homes.

Before you set out on the purchase, you need to know exactly what you are investing in. These are a few things about outdoor led lights you should know.


Don’t expect a bulb change anytime soon. They are called a long investment and we mean this literally. Typically, outdoor led lights can last five to eight years, which is 2-10 times more than ordinary bulbs.

Luminous efficiency

By far, outdoor LED lighting is the most efficient when it comes to how well its light source produces visible light. LED lighting has great luminous efficacy which translates to minimal maintenance and replacement costs.

Lighting focus

Unlike CFL lights which emit light and heat in all directions, outdoor LED lighting uses a 180-degree directional angle. This means emission only extends to the desired area; this feature is attributes to its high energy efficiency. With lights directed in a specific direction, there is no need to get reflectors or diffusers.

From dusk to dawn, outdoor LED lighting is your garden’s secret weapon. A well-placed uplight can focus attention on a specimen tree (and away from that problem area where you store the trash cans.) Strategically sited pathway lights will make a garden feel expansive. And the golden glow of a porch light will welcome you home.

Type of Outdoor LED Lights


Mounted below or at ground level to focus attention upward, uplighting includes wash lights, floodlights, well lights, and spotlights. 


Able to mount on virtually any vertical surface, outdoor wall lights are one of the most versatile types of landscape lighting, perfect for use on decks, patios, stairways, and pathways (with walls).


Outdoor lights for entryways, porches, and landscapes that you can control using an app installed on your mobile device give you more control over how you light a landscape.


Riser lights, under-tread lights, recessed wall fixtures, and pathway lights all can be used to illuminate outdoor stairways. “By day, the best stairway lighting is barely noticeable. After the sun goes down, well-chosen lights can transform staircases into glowing jewel boxes.

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