Our company uses the highest quality materials on the North America market (Kichler and Brilliance brands). We provide a 3-year warranty for our Led lighting system.

Accent Led Lights

Down Led Lights

In Ground Led Lights

BBQ Led Lighting

Barbecue Led Flex Light

Strip Landscaping Led Lights

Led Outdoor Strip or Step Light (3 inch-6’-12’-19’ available)

Path Led Lights

Bollard Led lights

Wall Wash Led Lights

Modern Bollard Led Lights

Fence Led Lights

Deck Led Lights

String Led Lighting

Led Standard Bulbs

Led Super Power Bulbs

Led Lighting System Controllers

Mechanical Timer


Led Lighting Special Wire

Low voltage special wire

Waterproof wire connectors

Dryconn waterproof wire connectors with silicone inside

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