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Barrie SOD Installation Prices

The price for lawn installation ranges from $0.75 to $4 per square foot.

The average cost of residential sod replacement is $ 1.1 – $ 3.5  per square foot.

The rate for commercial sodding project is from $ 0.75 per square foot.

Size of the Project Area

The cost per square foot for sodding is influenced by the size of the lawn. Larger lawns generally have a lower cost per square foot. Collaborating with neighbors on the same street can lead to cost-saving opportunities.


Lawns with uneven terrain or significant landscape changes may require additional grading work, which can impact the overall project cost.

Soil Quality of the Existing Lawn

The type of soil in the existing lawn, especially clay soil, may require the addition of more topsoil, affecting the total cost.

Existing Landscape Obstacles

The presence of obstacles like tree roots, large rocks, debris, or hardscape features can complicate the sodding process and potentially increase costs.

Limited Backyard Access

Difficulties in accessing the backyard, such as narrow fence gates or the need to pass through the house, can result in increased labor hours and costs for the sodding job.

Pre-sodding Weed Treatment

Lawns with a high number of weeds may require a pre-sodding treatment using nature and pet-friendly solutions, incurring an extra cost.

Removal and Disposal of the Existing Lawn

New construction lawn installations are generally less expensive since there’s no need to remove and dispose of an existing lawn. However, new developments might require additional costs for proper grading.

Installation of Sprinkler Irrigation System

While optional, installing a sprinkler irrigation system can help maintain the new sod and increase the value of the lawn, but it comes with an additional charge.

Installation of Landscape Lights

This optional feature can enhance the property’s curb appeal, but it also involves an extra cost.

Barrie SOD Installation Project


Features of Sod Installation

Instant Lawn

Sod installation provides an instant lawn. Once laid down, you have a fully grown and mature-looking lawn that can be used immediately. It’s an immediate aesthetic improvement to your property.

Erosion Control

Sod has a dense and interlocking root system that helps prevent soil erosion. It provides stability to the soil on slopes or areas prone to erosion.

Weed Reduction

Sod is grown in a controlled environment, which minimizes the presence of weeds in the initial stages. This means you’ll have fewer weeds to deal with compared to seeding.

No Germination Period

With sod, there is no waiting for germination, as is the case with seeding. You don’t have to wait for the grass to sprout and grow; it’s already fully developed.

Less Maintenance in the Beginning

Sod requires less initial maintenance compared to seeded grass. Watering and mowing are still necessary, but you won’t have to wait for seedlings to grow and establish themselves.

Disadvantages of Seeding Grass

Longer Establishment Period

Seeding grass takes time to germinate and grow. It can take several weeks or even months for the grass to establish a dense and uniform lawn.

Increased Weed Competition

Seeded grass is more susceptible to weed competition in the early stages. Weeds can quickly overtake and hinder the growth of newly germinated grass seedlings.

Uneven Growth

The germination and growth of seeded grass may not be uniform. You might end up with patches of thick grass and areas with sparse growth.

Vulnerable to Erosion

Seeded areas are more prone to erosion, especially before the grass is fully established, as the loose soil can easily wash away.

Limitation in Usage

Seeded lawns need to be protected during the establishment period. They are not immediately ready for full use, as foot traffic and heavy use can damage young seedlings and disrupt growth.

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