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Exploring Basics of Drip Irrigation Installation Toronto

A drip irrigation system is mainly used for watering trees, bushes, and other large plants. The drip system uses a controller, valves, and a hose with small holes from which water drips directly into the roots of the plants. A drip irrigation system provides precise and optimal watering for big plants. This saves money and time from manual overwatering.

Interesting Facts about Drip Irrigation Installation Toronto

Surface irrigation techniques involve covering an entire field with water. Overhead irrigation wets the plants but produces runoff. In contrast, drip irrigation is a much more controlled irrigation method. It works by exposing the roots to a direct supply of water. One version of drip irrigation uses a hose that has drip emitters built into it. This variation in the drip irrigation technique is called trickle tape.

drip irrigation installation toronto

Steps of Drip Installation Toronto

  1. Plan Your Garden: Decide where your plants are (like flowers or veggies) and where you want the water to go.

  2. Get Your Stuff: Get tubes, water drippers, stakes, a filter, and a regulator. You might spend around $50-$100 on these things.

  3. Get Water Ready: Connect your system to a water source, like a hose. A filter, which keeps dirt out, can cost $10-$20. A regulator, which controls water pressure, might be $15-$30.

  4. Put Down Tubes: Lay tubes where you want the water. Use stakes to hold them in place. You might need 50-100 feet of tubing, costing around $20-$50.

  5. Add Water Drippers: Put little water drippers on the tubes by your plants. Each dripper can cost $1-$3. Make sure they’re about 12-18 inches apart.

  6. Connect Everything: Connect tubes to the water source. Use a backflow preventer, around $15-$30, to keep water clean. Turn on the water and check for leaks. Adjust if needed.

Efficient Water Management

The drip system can be installed on commercial sites and residential areas. It can also be used on agricultural land, for example, it is the best type of irrigation system for a greenhouse.

These irrigation techniques are highly economical and precise. For example, the amount of water that a typical lawn sprinkler uses is measured in gallons per minute — the standard sprinkler will emit anywhere between one and five gallons (four to 20 liters) of water per minute. In contrast, the amount of water that a drip emitter uses is measured in gallons per hour. Such a slow flow of water virtually guarantees that it will be absorbed into the ground where it will be used more efficiently and where it won’t evaporate. A well-installed, well-maintained drip irrigation system all but eliminates the phenomenon of water wastefully running off.

Our company will help you with the installation of a drip system. The system itself is practically invisible and does not interfere with the visual appeal of your plants.

We offer a 5-year warranty and full after-sales service. You can call our company for a free evaluation of the drip watering system.