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The Sprinkler Company Inc is a leading sprinkler system provider in Bolton. The company boasts a 99% satisfaction rate among homeowners and a stellar 5.0-star rating on Google. Located at 390 Egeley Blvd in Concord, ON, Canada, The Sprinkler Company Inc serves Bolton and its neighboring areas. With over 15 years of experience the company has established itself as an expert in irrigation services. Our deep familiarity with the local area enables them to offer customized solutions for each client. Specializing in the installation, maintenance and servicing of sprinkler systems in Bolton and surrounding areas like Vaughan, Barrie and Richmond Hill The Sprinkler Company Inc delivers exceptional service every step of the way despite being based in Concord.

Irrigation System Estimate Bolton

The Sprinkle­r Company Inc offers a personalized approach tailore­d to each customer’s nee­ds in Bolton. We provide complimentary on-site­ consultations and guarantee customized solutions for e­very project. Owner and e­stimator Alex ensures transpare­ncy and clarity throughout the process whethe­r providing computer quotations or paper estimate­s. Dedicated to helping custome­rs achieve their irrigation goals in Bolton and surrounding are­as we prioritize client obje­ctives and deliver high-quality de­signs. Alex also promises to visit within 24 hours of your reque­st ensuring prompt and effective­ service. Our estimate­s come at no cost reflecting our commitme­nt to customer satisfaction.

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Why Choose Us?

Best Sprinkler System Contractor In Bolton

The Sprinkler Company Inc is a leading provider of irrigation services in Bolton with over 15 years of expertise. We take pride in our exceptional quality and offer a reassuring warranty of up to 5 years after installation giving our customers lasting peace of mind. Our commitment to customer satisfaction extends beyond regular hours with 24/7 emergency assistance available whenever needed. To make the process even easier we’ve developed a user-friendly app that allows you to conveniently schedule service appointments at your convenience. But our services extend beyond just watering – we also offer complete landscaping solutions to maintain the allure of your outdoor spaces throughout the seasons. And with our seasonal discounts our top-tier services remain affordable without compromising on quality. 

How Much Does A Sprinkler System Cost In Bolton?

When installing a sprinkler system in Bolton the costs typically range from $2350 to $4720. This includes essential components like pipes, sprinkler heads, control valves, a timer, and a rain sensor. Labor costs usually fall between $50 and $100 per hour and the installation process generally takes 3 to 6 hours. Choosing trusted brands like Hunter or Rain Bird can help ensure the durability and effectiveness of your sprinkler system keeping your lawn well-watered for years. To plan your budget effectively it’s best to get quote from The Sprinkler Company Inc represented by professional estimator Alex. Call us at 647-608-4444 to book your visit.

Bolton Sprinkler System Price List

How Much Is Sprinkler System Start Up In Bolton?

Sprinkler system Start-Up price in Bolton starts at just $90. This comprehensive service ensures your sprinkler system runs smoothly all season. It includes a full inspection, adjustments, repairs, programming, testing and suggestions for any needed upgrades. By focusing on quality and efficiency this service keeps your irrigation system working well maintaining the health and beauty of your outdoor spaces year-round. For more details or to schedule your service, contact The Sprinkler Company Inc at 647-608-4444.

How Much Is Sprinkler System Maintenance In Bolton?

In Bolton basic maintenance typically ranges from $75 to $200. This usually involves ensuring the sprinkler heads are working properly, checking for leaks, setting up the watering schedule and verifying the entire system is functioning well. More extensive service packages can cost $150 to $400 or more. These comprehensive packages may include preparing the system for winter and fine-tuning it for optimal performance. The exact price depends on how many zones or sections your sprinkler system has. For a customized price estimate tailored to your specific system you can reach out to local sprinkler maintenance companies. For a precise quote feel free to call The Sprinkler Company Inc at 647-608-4444.

Types of Irrigation System We Install & Repair & Maintain

Irrigation Sprinklers Installation Bolton

Sprinkler Systems Bolton

Meticulously engineered sprinkler systems evenly distribute water across designated areas. Comprised of interconnected pipes and spray heads, these systems regulate the controlled flow of water through the spray heads. Advantageous for both homes and businesses, we offer flexibility in determining when and where to water. The Sprinkler Company generously provides a five-year warranty for all Irrigation Sprinklers Installation in Bolton.

Irrigation Sprinklers Installation Bolton

Drip Irrigation System Bolton

Drip irrigation is a highly effective method for watering plants. It delivers water directly to the roots ensuring thriving gardens, flowers and shrubs without wasting precious water. This precise approach provides moisture exactly where it’s needed most. The Sprinkler Company offers generous five-year warranties for all of our Irrigation Sprinklers Installation in Bolton and Drip Irrigation systems. Additionally our electrical components get three-year coverage, giving customers added peace of mind. For a precise quote feel free to contact The Sprinkler Company Inc at 647-608-4444.

Irrigation Sprinklers Installation Bolton

Micro Irrigation System Bolton

Micro irrigation is a precise method that waters plants directly at the roots using special tools like drip emitters or small sprayers. These tools slowly release water saving water and reducing waste. The Sprinkler Company Inc offers a 5-year warranty on all Irrigation Sprinklers Installation in Bolton. Plus our electrical parts have a 3-year warranty so you can count on our reliability and quality. The Sprinkler Company provides an extensive 5-year warranty for all Irrigation Sprinklers Installation in Bolton. For a free on-site quote call The Sprinkler Company Inc at 647-608-4444

Irrigation Sprinklers Installation Bolton

Mixed Irrigation System Bolton

A mixed irrigation system cleverly blends different watering methods to enhance plant health and growth. Delicate flowers and bushes may flourish with the precise application of drip irrigation while sprinklers efficiently cover lawns and larger planted areas. This customized approach allows for adjusting water distribution according to the specific needs of each plant. Different sections of the yard receive tailored moisture levels promoting efficient watering and healthy growth throughout. The Sprinkler Company generously offers a five-year warranty for all Irrigation Sprinklers Installation in Bolton. For a free on-site quote contact The Sprinkler Company Inc at 647-608-4444.

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Irrigation Sprinklers Installation Bolton