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The Sprinkler Company Inc is the best sprinkler system contractor in Toronto with 99% satisfied clients on homesteads and 5.0 stars rating on google. The Sprinkler Company Inc is located in North York, 101 Toro Rd and services Toronto. The Sprinkler Company Inc has been in the business for more than 15 years and we have a thorough understanding of irrigation services. Our localised knowledge guarantees customised solutions for clients. The Sprinkler Company Inc specialises in sprinkler system installation, maintenance and service in Toronto and surrounding locations. With other facilities in Vaughan, Barrie and Richmond Hill, we operate out of its headquarters in North York and provide easy service throughout several areas including Toronto.

Irrigation System Estimate Toronto

The Sprinkler Company Inc provides a smooth approach that is customised to meet the demands of every customer. Offering free on-site consultations, we guarantee customised solutions for each project. Owner and estimator Alex, guarantees clarity and openness at every stage, whether via computer quotations or paper estimates. The Sprinkler Company Inc. is prepared to realise irrigation dreams in Toronto and beyond with a dedication to fulfilling clients’ objectives and providing top-notch designs. In addition, estimator Alex promises to visit within 24 hours of your request guaranteeing timely and effective service. Their estimates are completely free of charge.

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Sprinklers Installation

from $550
  • 15+ Years of Experience
  • 5 Years Warranty Coverage
  • 24/7 Emergency Support Availability
  • Convenient App-Based Service Booking
  • Seasonal Landscaping Services Available

Why Choose Us?

Best Sprinkler System Contractor In Toronto

With more than 15 years of significant experience The Sprinkler Company Inc is a Toronto-based irrigation services leader that stands out for excellence. To ensure our customers have long-term peace of mind, we distinguish ourselves by providing a warranty that lasts for up to five years following the installation of any system or item. Furthermore as part of our dedication to meeting the needs of clients we offer 24/7 emergency assistance that is available whenever needed. Customers may easily schedule servicing appointments whenever it’s convenient for them thanks to our user-friendly app. The Sprinkle­r Company Inc. provides complete landscaping solutions in addition to watering services to preserve outdoor spaces’ visual appeal all year round. Additionally, we offer seasonal discounts that keep their expert services reasonably priced without sacrificing quality.

How Much Does A Sprinkler System Cost In Toronto And GTA?

Typically homeowners can expect to pay between $2,350 and $4,720. This includes essential parts like pipes, sprinkler heads, control valves, timer and rain sensor. Labor costs ranges from $50 to $100 per hour, are included, and the installation usually takes 3 to 6 hours. Using quality materials like Hunter or Rain Bird products ensures an efficient system that effectively waters your lawn for years. To budget accurately for your new sprinkler system in Ontario it’s best to get quotes from reliable local companies.

Toronto Sprinkler System Price List

  • Start-up: $90
  • Winterization: from $110
  • Each new zone installation: from $500
  • Service call: from $89
  • Check-up: from $90

How Much Is Sprinkler System Start Up In Toronto?

In Toronto and GTA sprinkler system services start at a reasonable $90. This service ensures your system runs efficiently all season long. The package includes a full inspection, adjustments, repairs, programming, testing and suggestions for any needed upgrades. By focusing on quality and efficiency this service keeps your irrigation system working its best to maintain the health and beauty of your outdoor areas all year round. If you need more detail or you want to book your service – please call The Sprinkler Company Inc at 647-608-4444.

How Much Is Sprinkler System Maintenance In Toronto?

On average homeowners can expect to pay between $75 and $200 for a basic maintenance service. This may include checking and adjusting the sprinkler heads, looking for leaks, setting the irrigation schedule and testing that the system is working properly. More extensive maintenance packages which could include winterization (fall blow-out) the system and tuning it up can cost anywhere from $150 to $400 or more depending on number of zone in your system. It’s a good idea to contact local sprinkler system maintenance companies to get accurate quotes based on your specific needs and system size. If you want to get specifically your cost, call The Sprinkler Company Inc at 647-608-4444.

Types of Irrigation System We Install & Repair & Maintain

Sprinkler Systems Toronto

Sprinkler syste­ms are designed to distribute­ water across a designated are­a. They consist of a network of pipes and spray he­ads. The water flows out through these­ spray heads. These sprinkle­r systems are bene­ficial for both homes and businesses, as the­y allow you to control when and where to wate­r. The Sprinkler Company offers a five­-year warranty for all Irrigation Sprinklers Installation Toronto.

Drip Irrigation System Toronto

Simple drip tubes deliver wate­r directly to plant roots with drip irrigation. Gardens, flowers and bushe­s thrive efficiently without wasting pre­cious drops. Precisely providing moisture whe­re neede­d. The Sprinkler Company proudly offers ge­nerous five-year warrantie­s all Irrigation Sprinklers Installation Toronto and Drip Irrigation. Electrical components re­ceive three­-year coverage e­nsuring peace-of-mind. 

Micro Irrigation System Toronto

Micro irrigation means giving wate­r carefully to plant roots. This is done using special tools. Drip e­mitters or microsprayers send wate­r slowly. This saves water and stops waste. The­ Sprinkler Company Inc gives five years warranty for all Irrigation Sprinklers Installation Toronto. For ele­ctrical parts, the warranty lasts three ye­ars.

Mixed Irrigation System Toronto

Differe­nt watering approaches combine in a mixe­d irrigation system. Flowers and bushes may e­mploy drip irrigation’s targeted delive­ry. Meanwhile sprinklers could cove­r lawns and larger planted expanse­s. Thus tailoring water distribution to varying plant needs. The­ yard’s sections receive­ customized moisture leve­ls optimized for their respe­ctive requireme­nts.

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