How to Choose a Porch Light

Porch Lights

Everything you need to know to choose the best porch lights for your entryway.

Outdoor lighting has two primary purposes – security and beautification. The lights out on your porch help create a safe environment for your family and friends by illuminating the entrance. This not only makes it easier for you to find your keys and not trip over small objects, but it also allows you to look outside and see who’s knocking on the door, as well as deter potential burglars from approaching your home.

Common Styles of Porch Lights

There are several styles of porch lights that you might want to consider when you start shopping. Each of them has its own advantages and disadvantages, but what really matters is to determine which one will most organically fit into your outdoor space.

Based on our experience, below are the most common options that our customers choose most often.

1) Post Lights

Led Lighting

As the name suggests, post lights are a type of fixture that is designed to be installed on top of posts along the entrance pathway or around your porch. They provide just enough light that you are able to see where you’re going, but not the intense amount that you may expect from floodlights. They are perfect for lighting up hidden nooks or beautifying landscape features.

2) Wall Lights (Sconces)

porch lights

One of the most prominent types of lights for the entryway is the wall sconce. Installed directly on the wall, a sconce is a great option for illuminating the front door and any dark corners around your porch. Outdoor wall sconces can be easily installed on most materials, including brick, aluminum, and wood.

These types of Led Lights are most often chosen by our customers as porch lights:

  • Modern Outdoor Lights ( Ivy Bronx)


LED Lighting

  • Led Wall Sconce Waterproof

Led Lighting




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