Richmond Hill Irrigation

Richmond Hill Irrigation Contractor

The Sprinkler Company Inc. has been providing irrigation services in the city of Richmond Hill for over 12 years. We proudly offer a complete range of irrigation services including sprinkler system installations, system repairs, system upgrades, adjustments, system openings, winterization, and others.

Richmond Hill Irrigation Maintenance Services 

Our company currently services over 400 residences in the Richmond Hill area. Every year we see a steady increase in new irrigation clients from this area. In most cases, Richmond Hill clients already have an existing sprinkler system that requires some upgrades or repairs. In some cases with older systems that require expensive repairs, it is advisable to install a brand-new modern sprinkler system that will work properly and use less water.

The Sprinkler Company technicians are available to come to take a look at your sprinkler system and provide a free repair quote. Consultations are provided to discuss the best course of action; whether a replacement, repair, adjustment, or a new system is needed. We work closely with our clients to design a high-quality automatic sprinkler system that will fulfill all requirements and not break the bank.

All our customers receive reminders before the start of the season not to miss the moment to book seasonal start-ups and such a reminder of the upcoming service of winterization of the irrigation system which is the most important service for irrigation systems.

Richmond Hill Irrigation

Richmond Hill Sprinkler System Installation & Irrigation system Warranty

The Sprinkler Company Inc. is also one of only a few companies to provide a 5-year warranty on its installation and repair services. This is to ensure that our high-quality irrigation systems will work for many years to come, giving our clients confidence and peace of mind.

The Sprinkler Company always welcomes new Richmond Hill irrigation clients. We would like to thank those clients who have been with us all these years for placing their trust in our company. The Sprinkler Company looks forward to continuing to provide professional irrigation services in the city of Richmond Hill.