Sprinkler system Services

Our company provides not only professional irrigation sprinkler system design and installation, but also professional sprinkler system services with a service guarantee.

Installing an irrigation system is only part of a larger solution. Even if your system is installed by a professional team, like any equipment, an irrigation system needs proper maintenance to maintain a long service life. It’s important to maintain your irrigation system to ensure that the system will work to optimal specifications. 

There are two main yearly services that we highly recommend to all our customers: 

  • Seasonal Startup 

and even more important 

  • Seasonal Shutdown (system Winterization / Blow-out service)

Seasonal Start-UP service

Winter can be rough on your property’s irrigation system.

Water may have seeped in over the past few months, freezing and thawing, causing landscape damage.

Sprinkler heads can be clogged with debris. Your pump might need some attention after all these months.

Sprinkler heads are probably the most vulnerable part of your irrigation system. They are clogged with dirt and gas waste. They are beaten by lawnmowers, weed eaters, and snow plows. In winter, they may be buried or surrounded by debris.

If some holes are clogged, it means that too much water may get into some areas and not enough into others. This means an unhealthy landscape and a waste of water.

When carrying out a system start-up service, this is one of the main tasks – checking and testing all heads for any defects and possible replacement. 

our specialists conduct a complete inspection of the system, valves, and heads, and the presence of leaks and, if possible, repairs are carried out on-site.

Winterization service

Winterizing an irrigation system is the most important service because it ensures that all of the water is out of the entire system, eliminating any opportunity for freeze damage. 

In the northern climates where freezing temperatures are the norm, it is imperative that you winterize your irrigation system. If you choose not to, severe and critical damage to the system will occur and costly repairs will be necessary in order to resurrect the system

Maintenance is seasonal, which includes the spring start-up and activation, summer check-up, and winter shut-down and blowout. We try to make maintenance quick and easy by offering a service contract for these services.
The service contract pre-schedules the services you wish to have, saves you money, and entitles you to discounts on repairs throughout the year.

The service contract pre-schedules the services you wish to have, saves you money, and entitles you to discounts on repairs throughout the year.

Call us today! 647-608-4444 One phone call can take care of your system all year long.

Sprinkler system service

Sprinkler system service

Irrigation head service

Sprinkler head service

Winterization sprinkler system service

Winterization service

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