Thornhill Irrigation

The city of Thornhill is one of the most active irrigation service areas for The Sprinkler Company Inc. The cities of Thornhill and North York were among the first areas in which our company started its operations. Thornhill currently holds more than 1000 Sprinkler Company customers, over 70% of which are serviced semi-annually. The Sprinkler Company always has sprinkler servicemen available to promptly take care of any irrigation issues in the Thornhill area.

Thornhill Irrigation Services

The Sprinkler Company continuously installs new irrigation systems in the Thornhill area. Once we provide an estimate for a sprinkler system, we will never raise the price for the installation. Our highly skilled irrigation team will usually conduct a single-day installation, with the sprinkler system carefully installed with no damage or mess to the property. Once complete, an irrigation technician will walk over the system with the client explaining how it operates and where the sprinkler heads are located. The technician will also demonstrate how to set up the timer for optimal lawn watering.

For sprinkler repairs, The Sprinkler Company is dedicated to providing prompt and professional irrigation service. Once our company office receives your request, a serviceman will be dispatched to arrive at your property within 2 days. Our highly experienced serviceman will run your system zone by zone until the issue is located. Depending on the severity of the damage, the issue will be repaired on the spot or a repair estimate written up.

The Sprinkler Company is pleased to offer the full range of sprinkler services. These services include:

The Sprinkler Company only uses professional-grade irrigation materials for its installation and repair services. We use the high-quality Hunter and Rain Bird brands imported from the United States. This ensures our systems work reliably for many years.


The Sprinkler Company also provides a 5-year warranty on its irrigation services. Clients can be confident that our company will be available year-round to take care of any watering issues.