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The Sprinkler Company Inc. is an irrigation company that provides watering services in the city of Oak Ridges. Our company installs, repairs, and maintains all types of residential and commercial sprinkler systems.

Irrigation Service Oak Ridges

The Sprinkler Company has been providing irrigation services in Oak Ridges since 2018. Since this time, our company has experienced a steady rise in Bolton clients looking to install or upgrade their sprinkler systems. We thank our clients for their trust and support of our company. The Sprinkler Company will continue to provide dedicated and high-quality irrigation service.

Regular maintenance and servicing of a sprinkler system can help ensure it operates efficiently and effectively and can prevent damage or breakdowns that can be costly to repair. Maintenance tasks can include checking and adjusting sprinkler heads, cleaning filters and nozzles, and checking the control system for proper operation

All our customers receive reminders before the start of the season not to miss the moment to book seasonal start-ups and such a reminder of the upcoming service of winterization of the irrigation system which is the most important service for irrigation systems.

Our company has organized a team of technical staff, which allows you to receive emergency calls at the address 24/7. During the busiest times, checkout can take one to two days.

The Sprinkler Company offers a full range of sprinkler services. These services include:

The Sprinkler Company only uses professional-grade irrigation materials for its installation and repair services. We use the high-quality Hunter and Rain Bird brands imported from the United States. This ensures our systems work reliably for many years.

The Sprinkler Company also provides a 5-year warranty on its irrigation services. Clients can be confident that our company will be available year-round to care for any watering issues.

If you are looking to install or manage an irrigation system, contact The Sprinkler Company today! We will provide you with a free consultation and estimate.

The Sprinkler Company Inc is in Vaughan!